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Netalyse Global Solution has its headquarters in India, Mumbai, since its inception in 2017 it serves corporate customers in India, South Asia and Middle East.

Netalyse is formed with the highest level of Integrity, Honesty, Trust and conducts business with utmost commitment to our customers, employees and partners.

We’ve spent years finding the best ways to uncover the answers hidden in social media, and now we help some of the smartest organizations understand the insights to bring out the intelligence for faster decision making.

Netalyse has deep IBM Solutions experience and skills in the IBM Software. It provides complete end to end project delivery.

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To be recognised as the leader for discovering unknowns thereby helping clients protect their organisation's integrity.

Our Solutions

Threat intelligence is the best way to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and prevent information or financial losses. We offer a thorough overview of cyber threat intelligence and how to implement it in your business.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (Cybalyse)

We use combination of solutions that provide deeper intelligence into data feeds from various security solutions (like SIEM, End-point security and other types of data feeds) and provide a deep analytics

Social Media Analysis- Socialyse

Socialyse is uniquely positioned to provide security teams with an enhanced perspective of social media-based threats. With our solution, organizations gain unparalleled visibility into threats impacting a brand and its customers across all digital channels through a single view.

Open Source Intelligence – Intelayse

Intelayse solution scans the Surface Weband, importantly, the Deep Web, for any mention of corruption, compromised information, exposure to credit risk. We collect all this data, analyzeto determine the real risks, and then alert the institution of those risks so they can deal with them appropriately.

Point-of-Compromise – Card Frauds - NETPOC

NETPOCs point-of-compromise detection is an analytical tool designed to swiftly identify potentially compromised cards without all the paperwork, spreadsheets and thousand-page reports. Instantly compare and review fraud histories and find common locations and time periods

Our Services

Software Development

Netalyse recruiters will deliver the industry’s top developers, specialists, and analysts with years of technical domain and vertical industry expertise to solve your most complex technical and business challenges.

Data analysis

Netalyse offers comprehensive data analysis services for small, medium and large corporations across a wide range of industries.

Training Services on IBM i2

Netalyse is a leader in the training of Intelligence professionals. Our expert trainers have many years’ experience working in the industry which ensures all our courses impart the necessary skills and expertise complex and critical analysis.

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