About Company

Netalyse Global Solution has its headquarters in India, Mumbai, since its inception in 2017 it serves corporate customers in India, South Asia and Middle East.

Netalyse is formed with the highest level of Integrity, Honesty, Trust and conducts business with utmost commitment to our customers, employees and partners.

We’ve spent years finding the best ways to uncover the answers hidden in social media, and now we help some of the smartest organizations understand the insights to bring out the intelligence for faster decision making.

Netalyse has deep IBM Solutions experience and skills in the IBM Software. It provides complete end to end project delivery.

Netalyse helps customers in Government, Law Enforcement, and Enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve and protect from Cyber Threats, Financial Crimes, Breaches & Frauds arising due to misuse of digital & communication devices, applications and technologies.

Our focus is on delivering business value and enhanced business capabilities to our clients through a combination of our world class enterprise grade products in modern technologies , implementation services and specialised IT managed services.

Netalyse is a global services company with a difference. We infuse the strengths of a world class product companies and toss it with our specialized services, a combination that gives us an unique position in the market. In our areas of focus - our teams have deep understanding of business and leading technologies – positioning us as Enterprise Application Specialists, providing us with the capability of working closely with both business and IT.

Core Values

We are a team of passionate and self-motivated individuals who have a common objective in innovating and providing the best security solutions. We hold true to our core values, which is hard-work, continuous education, Trust.

We believe in quality, trust, and highest integrity when it comes to providing our services to our clients. These are the most important values that we uphold, that our clients may know that we only give them the best service they deserve.

Our Vision

To stay ahead of emerging threats by producing actionable insights from the analysis of various data feeds.

Our Mission

To be recognised as the leader for discovering unknowns thereby helping clients protect their organisation's integrity.

Our Partners
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Our Clients

Due to the confidentiality agreements with our clients, we are unable to name them openly, however we can seek their permission if you are keen to have a dialogue with them to understand about our solutions

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